Lakai Sandpine

– Address: 536, Haean-ro, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, Korea
– Tel: +82 1644-3001
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Lakai Sandpine, opened on Gyeongpo beach, city of Gangneung, on July 2012, has 6 residential buildings, reception, convention and beautiful gardens with outdoor swimming pools.
Most of our guest rooms are designed to have ocean view as “LAKAI” means “Shining Ocean” in Hawaiian native language. You can enjoy vast blue east sea, magnificent Daegwallyeong ridge and Gyeongpo Lake from our location at the same time.
Lakai Sandpine provides its unique service to our guests with our various facilities including banquet halls, outdoor pools, walking path, health and sauna.

Gangneung, Korea

Gangneung is located in the center of East-taebaeksan Mountain, the center of the Korean Peninsula. It borders Donghae to the east, Nae-myeon in Hongcheon-gun and Jinbu-myeon and Daegwallyeong-myeon in Pyeongchang-gun to the west, the whole area of Donghae, Imgae-myeon and Buk-myeon in Jeongseon-gun to the south, and Hyeonbuk-myeon and Hyeonnam-myeon in Yangyang-gun to the north. It is bordered by 5 cities and counties in Gangwon-do.

Gangneung has been blessed with nature’s beauty and there are no boundaries between nature and the city. Gangneung’s morning, day and night time flow alongside nature. People promenade through the forest trails filled with the scent of pine and organize their thoughts in peace. They dive into the blue waves of the sea in the afternoon and watch the moon rise beyond the horizon at night and sunrise again for a new day. The city itself enchants visitors with a vista that stretches as far as we can see from the mountain to the East Sea. You will find something new to appreciate every time you visit this city filled with grace, quiet, and sometimes youthful energy.

As a coastal city, Gangneung has a relatively mild winter and a cool summer. The four seasons of Gangneung are very distinct. Each season paints a new landscape that draws our attention and symbolizes the distinct beauty that comes with the passage of time. From spring to winter, come and enjoy how beautiful it is.

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